MICR New Permanent Exhibition: The Humanitarian Adventure


This is a proposal for the new permanent exhibition of the Red Cross Museum in Geneva. The exhibition, titled The Humanitarian Adventure, is subdivided into specific sub-themes that portray the various facets of the humanitarian work of the Red Cross. In order for the exhibited material to communicate with full force, it was essential to maintain the themes and sub-themes, as separate experiences that do not distract from one another. With this approach the onlooker can reflect on one idea at a time. However, by moving from one room to another, particular ideas and impressions begin to link, connect and solidify into a powerful and complex message. Following the geometry of the structure (column grid and drop beams), the space was subdivided and partitioned into a grid of equal rooms. Subsequently, each room would have a different type of installation with a distinctive atmosphere relating to a particular theme. At the same time, the general effect of walking through the rooms is also experienced as a unified experience. This design scheme allows for a continuous flow of visitors to access the various spaces, without the need to retrace their steps in order to exit.

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